BSc in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy techniques: why choose this programme at UniCamillus

Healthcare professionals, particularly laboratory and radiology technicians, have become increasingly rare and hard to find in recent years. Studies on staff shortages in Italian hospitals in particular have shown that the approximately 30,000 professionals on the NHS are insufficient. And in many other parts of the world, especially in developing countries, the situation isn’t any better. This alone highlights the great job prospects that the UniCamillus BSc in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques can offer.

The degree programme offered by UniCamillus is aimed at training qualified professional technicians who can apply their skills both in Italy and abroad. This three-year programme is entirely taught in English and covers four significant thematic areas: radiodiagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, and health physics. The topics covered offer different specificities, ensuring students receive comprehensive and interdisciplinary training. In parallel, internship activities are conducted throughout all three years of study, allowing students to gradually apply the acquired knowledge.

This latter aspect is one of the strengths of this programme, as demonstrated by the latest Alma Laurea data on the satisfaction of UniCamillus Radiology graduates. Practical experiences as well as laboratory activities carried out by the students were unanimously judged as adequate and satisfying by those interviewed. Great appreciation was also shown for the relationship established with the tutors, who are always available to meet students’ needs, and for the excellent facilities where most of the activities take place.

The programme is taught in person. In addition to traditional lectures, both in the classroom and in labs, seminars and interactive workshops are held to focus on acquiring knowledge, skills and behavioural models for practical application. The underlying logic of the approach adopted by UniCamillus is to emphasise the ability of future professionals to work in teams and complex organisational settings. This methodology has been positively welcomed by over 80% of the graduates.

There is still time to register for the admissions test. The application deadline is 2 October for EU citizens, while non-EU citizens must submit their application by September 8.