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UniCamillus joined TEC-MED project to develop a new social care model in Italy


Development of a transcultural socio-ethical-care model for depedent population in the Mediterranean basin

UniCamillus – Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences joined the project TEC-MED: “Development of a transcultural socio-ethical-care model for depedent population in the Mediterranean basin”. The project is financed by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med program, and aims to develop a social-ethical assistance model for older and most vulnerable people in the Mediterranean countries.

UniCamillus is working with prestigious universities and organizations from Greece, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia to build a new organizational model able to support the cooperation and partnership between public institutions and the main characters of welfare.

The narrowing of social support generates an intense marginalization of most vulnerable people, as with elderly housebound, who often suffer from chronic diseases and a lack of support from their families.

In the last 30 years the Italian population registered a slow aging process. Older people, who by definition are people over 65 years old, cover more than 20% of the total population. The 32.3% of them suffer from severe chronic pathologies and multi-morbidity, while the 6.9% need assistance or aids because they are dependent on their own healthcare.

The difficulties of welfare politics and the increase in population concerned demonstrate the need for a policy framework that can enhance the social assistance policies for elderly housebound and their families.

UniCamillus as Italian project partner, wants to make its contribution to the validation of the socio-ethic-charitable pattern, by placing itself as a connecting institution among the several parties involved. Thanks to its specialization in the medical and health field and its humanitarian vocation, the University will lead the phases of study and pilot by creating synergies among the Public Institutions, the academic environment and social parties.


The first results of the pilot phase of the TEC-MED project in Italy reported the satisfaction of older people with the number of hours of care provided

10 October 2022

Socio-health training and the improvement of synergies as future objectives in the TEC-MED project

28 July 2022

The Italian partner of the TEC-MED project reaches an important milestone, starting the training of its training agents

18 March 2022

Second Workshop UniCamillus and TEC-MED: Detection of training needs with stakeholders and target group

14 February 2022

First Workshop UniCamillus and TEC-MED: Identification of gaps in the social-care system for dependent elderly people in Italy

22 January 2022