Our Mission

UniCamillus is the International Medical University of Rome with the highest percentage of international students

The university is specifically aimed at young people from all over the world.

UniCamillus welcomes students from all over the world  and trains them to become physicians or health professionals versatile and focused also on diseases of underprivileged countries.

For this reason the University is addressed particularly to EU  and non-EU students who show a humanitarian, scientific  and professional interest in the health problems
affecting especially the Developing countries.

UniCamillus graduates will always bear in mind the humanitarian values acquired during the course of studies, especially the dignity of the patient, considered as a human being with his own sensitivity. The University is secular and welcomes students of all faiths.

The mission of the University is inspired by Camillus De Lellis: at the end of the 16th century he contributed substantially  to defining criteria and organization of an efficient healthcare system, by drawing up and implementing the first modern procedure of hospital care, establishing  the basic principles of respect and dignity of the patient.

The reference to Camillo de Lellis is motivated by the revolutionary action undertaken by him in 1500 when he practically established the foundations of modern health assistance