Student benefits

Benefits and price reductions for UniCamillus students and employees
in stores and shops, sports facilities, restaurants and bars,
hotels, local transport and leisure.

All benefits are available on the
UniCamillus WebApp

Price reductions for
hotels, halls of residence and accommodation
Price reductions for
services and commercial activities
Price reductions for
gyms, sports centres and medical facilities
Price reductions for
restaurants and pizzerie
Price reductions for
museums and theatres
Price reductions for
local transport
To take advantage of the benefits and discounts at partner companies, students have to show their badge.

Carta Giovani Nazionale

The “Carta Giovani Nazionale” is an initiative promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service, aimed at Italian and European citizens residing in Italy between the ages of 18 and 35.
The “Carta Giovani Nazionale” allows obtaining benefits to access cultural, sports, and well-being goods and services.

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  • It is provided an Irpef deduction equal to 19% of the amounts paid for enrollment fees, for the regular exams and the final graduation exam, and for the amounts paid to participate to the admission tests. For students coming outside Rome, the deduction is also applicable to fees paid for accommodation contracts (private), accommodation contracts signed with entities which provide services regardind the right to study, with universities, official colleges, nonprofit organizations and cooperatives, and on fees for lease contracts stipulated or renewed pursuant to law 431/1998, even for temporary use.
  • The decree 68/2012 on the “Right to study” establishes the provision of scholarships to “good and deserving students” in possession of the “eligibility requirements” that can cover the costs of study, including teaching materials, transport, food, accommodation, access to culture activities. For more information, visit the Andisu website, the National Association of Organizations for the Right to University or Miur.

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