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Grant Officer

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The Grant Office Sector provides information, support and technical assistance services to professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff during the submission, administrative management, reporting and audit phases of European and international research projects.

Main tasks expected to include but not limited to:

  • Spreading of financing opportunities for research in the international and European area through, for example, the dissemination of information within scientific community aimed at specific target audiences or updating the pages on the University website dedicated to international research;
  • Organization of training and information days on issues related to the design, management and reporting of European and international research projects;
  • Scouting and feasibility evaluation of project ideas, in relation to European and international calls and funding opportunities for research;
  • Assistance in the submission of European and international collaborative research projects. For example, through technical assistance in the use of dedicated submission portals, drafting of specific cross sections of the project (related to management, communication, partnership structure, etc.), support in the preparation of the budget, analysis of Evaluation Summary Reports, and preliminary evaluation of project drafts;
  • Supporting pre-audit and external audit procedures on European research and innovation projects;
  • Registration and updating of data related to European and international project participation Portals;
  • Monitoring and updating data and databases related to European/international funded projects and periodic dissemination of data.
  • Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Excellent proficiency in written and spoken English;
    • Substantiated work experience in similar activities;
    • Organizational and problem solving skills;
    • Aptitude for teamwork;
    • Customer relations skills;
    • Clear and empathetic communication;
    • Flexibility.

    Preferential requirements.

    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree;
    • Excellent proficiency in written and spoken French;

    Send your CV to, writing “Grant Officer” in the subject field. You may attach your resume, cover letter and photo. Formats: doc, docx, pdf. Size limit: 1 MB.

Front end and back end programmer

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We are looking for a motivated, bright, creative and talented person, possibly with experience in using web programming languages (Javascript, HTML, CSS) and object-oriented (e.g., Delphi Lazarus, C#, Java, Android) within a management environment on SQL databases.

The candidate will be mainly involved in the development and maintenance of the management software and related software projects. A period of training on our products and shadowing with our technical staff is expected after the start of the assignment. The resource will, in addition, be constantly supported by the Software Development Area Manager in its activities.



  • Diploma in technical field, preferably Computer Science and higher
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Preferred)
  • Programming language knowledge in order of preference:
    – Delphi/Lazarus (Pascal) – Java
    – python
    – C/C++
    – Php
    – Other languages
  • Relational Sql database knowledge with respect to making queries, views, tables, indexes, store procedures in preferred order for the following products:  
    – MYSQL/MariaDb
    – Firebird/Interbase
    – Microsoft SQL
    – Oracle
    – Other relational databases
  • Technical English proficiency.

Skills on the scripting side, Linux Desktop/server installation/configuration, knowledge of tcp/ip protocols and hardware infrastructure maintenance complete the profile.


Full-time fixed-term contract is offered – Five working days per week (Mon-Fri)

Send your CV to, writing “Front end and back end programmer” in the subject field. You may attach your resume, cover letter and photo. Formats: doc, docx, pdf. Size limit: 1 MB.