The goals of the research at UniCamillus are mainly for the fight against malaria

The fight against malaria, just like HIV and tuberculosis represents one of the main priorities at UniCamillus from a strategic point of view.  The activities at the hospital of the developing countries underline how the goals linked to the prevention and cure of malaria have taken up huge amounts of efforts in the past few years and how, within the broader issue of health, the fight against the three pandemics has used up most of the resources.

The aim at UniCamillus is one of favorably encouraging a study program on biology and pathology of the malaria parasite in order to establish a vast amount of data as the scientific base for the prevention and new treatment of malaria, infective malaria and vector transmission. 
Furthermore, a collaboration network will be activated with malaria experts of other EU countries, who together will make up an extremely effective team of researchers on malaria.