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promotes medical-health training and research with particular but not exclusive attention to diseases and problems of the least developed countries.

Many UniCamillus students come from countries that show a significant lack in the field of medical and scientific progress for the care and treatment of the most common diseases in the geographical areas of origin (i.e HIV and malaria). Students from these countries came to Italy with the important aim of taking advantage of the Italian medical training excellence and then returning to practice the health care profession in their countries. Therefore, in such cases, the aim of UniCamillus is to train medical and healthcare professionals that can contribute to filling the desperate need of health workers in the various structures of the Southern part of the world. In order to achieve this goal, UniCamillus intends to make use of the Italian scientific and training excellence and be the ideal bridge to bring efficient and timely health services to the places where they are most needed.

Donate your 5X1000
Natural persons
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Donating the 5×1000 costs nothing

The 5 × 1000 is a share of the taxes that each tax payer, at no cost, can allocate to UniCamillus and thus contribute to the training of doctors and health workers for developing countries.

Why help UniCamillus?

Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus) has the ambitious goal of training doctors and health workers able to deal immediately after graduation with  diseases and medical problems of places where health care is absent or insufficient. Throughout the programs, students pay close attention to malaria, AIDS, TB, and other neglected diseases. The majority of UniCamillus students comes from non-EU countries.

The work begins in Italy, in Rome, then gets far.

Many hospitals in Africa, India, Southeast Asia are in desperate need of doctors, nurses, midwives and health professionals. UniCamillus will use Italian scientific excellence to establish a university that trains health workers of value and ready to be health carriers all over the world.

Health has no political, cultural boundaries, much less social class, wealth and poverty boundaries. Every euro invested in the health care of the world is a contribution to the well-being of humanity and friendship among peoples.

Those who do not fill the tax return can

  • Request the CU model from the INPS or the employer;
  • Fill it in the dedicated space (write “Tax Period 2017”, sign in the box “Support for volunteering”, write 97962900581 to assign the 5 × 1000 to UniCamillus and sign at the bottom of the card);
  • Insert it in a closed envelope with the words “Choice for the destination of five per thousand of the IRPEF”, with surname, name and tax code;
  • Deliver it to a post office or a bank at no cost.

Remember to sign the 5 × 1000 form and write 97962900581 even if you do the declaration yourself or do it with the CAF: in this way you can allocate the 5 × 1000 to the initiatives in favor of UniCamillus.

To learn more about 5×1000, write to

Donations by natural persons
This is why we need everyone’s support to plan and complete our projects. Even a little help can be of fundamental importance for improving the condition of many patients who do not currently receive appropriate care. You can simply make a bank transfer to the IBAN IT43 M056 9603 2000 0001 3387 X11 at the Banca Popolare di Sondrio as a contribution to the University, specifying the reason “liberal provision”.

UniCamillus is a University legally recognized by the Italian State, so those who donate can take advantage of the tax benefits according to the current legislation.

To learn more about donations, contact the UniCamillus Responsible for Fundraising at the mail address

Donations by companies

UniCamillus establishes high added value partnerships with companies of different backgrounds that share with the University the mission of investing in research, training in research and training in the healthcare sector.

UniCamillus partner companies participate in structured and defined projects in different areas of medical-health research and training.

Ad hoc projects can be created with the aim of responding to specific business needs or it is possible to contribute to existing projects.

The collaboration with UniCamillus is always based on full support in all operational and managerial aspects. UniCamillus undertakes to provide detailed and timely updates on the progress of the projects and participates in the effective communication and promotion of corporate sponsorship.

UniCamillus partners will take advantage from a significant improvement in brand perception with direct effects on company performance and a favorable change in the motivation of the staff who may also be involved in volunteering programs. In addition, all donations made to UniCamillus enjoy the tax benefits according to the current legislation because UniCamillus is a University legally recognized by the Italian State.

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