University experience and post-graduate employment: thanks to UniCamillus you study better and find work sooner, shows an AlmaLaurea report

Those who study at UniCamillus are more satisfied and find employment more easily compared to other universities in Lazio. This is evident from the reports published by AlmaLaurea regarding the average profiles of graduates from universities in Lazio and their employment status one, three, and five years after obtaining their degree.

The well-known inter-university consortium, which collects statistical data on the academic world, analysed the educational paths of over 281,000 graduates from 77 Italian universities, both public and private, in 2022 as well as the employment status of approximately 670,000 graduates from 78 universities in the years 2017, 2019, and 2021.

Focusing on the Lazio region alone, out of the 35,541 recent graduates analysed in 2022, 64 come from UniCamillus University. Of these, 96.9% graduated on time, while only 3.1% were delayed. This result is more than 35 percentage points higher than the regional average (60.6%), and it is accompanied by an average mark of 105 out of 110, in line with the results of other universities in Lazio. This means that UniCamillus students achieve excellent study results in less time compared to other universities. The overall evaluation of the quality of studies and experience while at UniCamillus is also extremely positive.

86.9% of our graduates considered their relationship with lecturers to be satisfactory; 82% believe that the study workload was adequate for a good preparation, while 87.9% felt that they had access to classrooms and spaces suitable for their needs.

Overall, 90.2% expressed satisfaction with their years of study at UniCamillus. Additionally, two out of three students stated that, if given the chance, they would choose the same study path again. This path has so far led over 90% of graduates to find employment within just one year of obtaining their degree. Given the recent establishment of UniCamillus, only 27 students (all 2021 graduates) were included in AlmaLaurea’s analysis. However, it is noteworthy that 53.3% of them immediately found permanent employment. 26.7% have fixed-term contracts, while 13.3% are self-employed and 6.7% work part-time. The regional average for permanent contracts one year after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree is only 32.4%, which drops to 22% when one considers Master’s and single-cycle graduates.

One last positive fact is the average salary (including earnings of self-employed professionals): €1,409 per month for those who graduated from UniCamillus compared to €1,337 for all Lazio graduates analysed.

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