Health professions degree programmes

Three-year health professions degree courses

The courses are aimed at training doctors and healthcare professionals capable of operating at an international level in order to meet the healthcare needs of developing countries.

The qualifications issued by UniCamillus enable our graduates to work in all European countries and in many other countries all over the world.

In line with the humanitarian mission of UniCamillus, during the course of studies, emphasis will be placed on the interrelations between the academic contents of basic sciences and those of clinical sciences, with particular regard to the interdisciplinary perspective of medicine.

According to the international profile of the University UniCamillus, some of the degree courses are taught in English, some in Italian, but no proof of knowledge of those languages is requested for being admitted. 

Educational tools and support programs help the student in improving his command of the English or Italian language during the course, up to the achievement of a level that will allow him to use its qualification, with no language difficulties whatsoever, anywhere he chooses.

Unicamillus gives access to the following Health Professions Degree Courses:

Degree courses taught in Italian:

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Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques

3 years degree course

Degree in Midwifery

3 years degree course

Degree in Nursing

3 years degree course

Degree in Physiotherapy

3 years degree course

Degree in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques

3 years degree course