BSc Nursing at UniCamillus: Empathy and High-Quality Education among the goals of those who choose it

Becoming a nurse stems from a genuine mission: the nursing profession, among the healthcare professions, is indeed the one that requires the most interaction with patients. Empathy, compassion, and the desire to assist patients often form the basis of this choice.

The increase in life expectancy and, consequently, chronic illnesses, elevates the demand for these professional roles, making them even more important. Furthermore, the continuous evolution of medical technologies and therapeutic protocols necessitates high-quality preparation and constant updating. It’s worth noting that even at the community level, the European Union is promoting continuous training courses in this sector.

Empathy and high-quality education are the fundamental requisites for being an excellent nurse. These very elements are the primary focus of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nursing at UniCamillus – International Medical University in Rome.

UniCamillus’ mission, in fact, revolves around placing the patient at the center of healthcare attention, especially in disadvantaged situations. The Nursing Bachelor’s Degree course is taught in English, enabling qualification for healthcare professions even in developing countries, where UniCamillus is known for its supportive initiatives. It’s no coincidence that UniCamillus’ creed is inspired by Saint Camillus De Lellis, who laid the foundation for a new healthcare approach in the 16th and 17th centuries, emphasizing patient respect, and whose motto was “More heart in the hands.”

But that’s not all: the curriculum includes both theoretical and highly practical components, aiming to create highly skilled individuals ready to step into the workforce immediately. Infact, clinical internship activities play a crucial role, supervised by experienced nurses.

Beyond purely academic activities, UniCamillus instructors involve students in socially impactful activities. A prime example is the “Spiagge Serene” project, now in its second edition, which aims to provide vacationers on the Roman coast with basic first aid knowledge. A team comprising nurses, midwives, rehabilitation and prevention technicians, supported by UniCamillus, Tor Vergata, and La Sapienza Nursing students, works to achieve this goal.

Upon completing the three-year program, Nursing graduates can already work in public hospitals, private clinics, or as independent practitioners. If they wish to continue their studies, they can choose between a Master’s degree or a Level I master’s program, which can open doors to further career options such as specializations, leadership and management roles, technical consultancy, university teaching, and high school education.

This is a highly significant profession that offers immediate professional prospects. It’s important to note that the Fnopi (National Federation of Nursing Professions) estimates that Italy needs around 63,000 more nurses than currently available. This translates to a substantial demand for the professional profile, with excellent job stability and competitive salaries.

To embark on this journey, prospective students can register for the entrance exam for the BSc Nursing at UniCamillus by no later than 13:00 on October 2, 2023. For more information, you can visit the university’s dedicated page on our website.