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“UniCamillus is a young academic reality, and yet the participation we are registering among students and those who want to undertake an academic career at our University is extraordinary. We don’t want to be just a University to attend, but also an integral part of the Capitoline territory and the Tiburtino slope that offers us...
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Master’s diploma ceremony of the 1st level Online Master in Management and Coordination Roles in the Health Professions

The Master’s diploma ceremony was held today at the Aula Magna of UniCamillus – International Medical University of Rome – for the proclamation of the first graduates for the 1st level Online Master in  Management and Coordination Roles in the Health Professions. The event was organized both in presence and electronically in compliance with the...
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Psychological aspects in critical care

By UniCamillus’ Professor Sondra Badolamenti The complexity of the healthcare challenges that the healthcare professional must face places the emphasis on the need for a multidimensional vision of the management of healthcare problems and the management of critical processes. This involes both professionals working in hospital settings (intensive care, resuscitation, etc. ) and those operating...
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Occupational safety and health policies in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The role of the Occupational Medicine Service Physician.

Written by Bruno Manzoni, UniCamillus Workplace Safety Manager In the last year, the spread of Covid-19 severely affected population worldwide, especially in healthcare facilities. The pandemic hit many hospitals and nursing homes, causing a large number of victims among healhtcare personnel, patients and guests. This produced negative effects on the entire National Health System of...
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