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The important role of Sociology for Health Professions curated by Ugo Giorgio Pacifici Noja, Professor of General Sociology at UniCamillus

Society is constantly evolving, and health professionals must be completely aware of it. There is not  just one sociology, but as many fields of sociology as the fields of social life . Those who work in the healthcare field must be part of the society. This has been long acknowledged by universities of Health Professions...
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Today’s professional figure of the Physiotherapist curated by Alessandra Carlizza, Director of the Degree Course in Physiotherapy at UniCamillus

As specified in the professional profile, the Physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who works both in coordination with the Doctor and the other health professions, and autonomously, by evaluating and treating the disfunctions of the motor areas, higher cortical and visceral functions,  consequent to pathological events of various etiology, both congenital or acquired.  Furthermore, the Physiotherapist develops,...
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The use of artificial feeding in patients with dysphagia by Anna Claudia Romeo, Professor of Clinical Pathology in the Degree Course in Midwifery at UniCamillus

La nutrizione artificiale (NA) è una procedura terapeutica destinata a persone nelle quali l’alimentazione orale o non è praticabile e/o non è sufficiente a soddisfare i fabbisogni calorico – proteici o è controindicata. Artificial feeding (AF) is a therapeutic procedure intended for people in whom oral feeding is not practicable and / or is not...
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Parlare e comprendere l’inglese contemporaneo della medicina e infermieristica, by Alessandro Rotatori Lecturer in Medical English at UniCamillus

“Italian medical professionals are extremely fortunate. At a time when the need to speak and understand English is more pressing than ever, and in a field where poor pronunciation can lead to embarrassment or far worse, they have Alessandro Rotatori as their guide”. This is how Geoff Lindsey, Director of the Summer Course in English...
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