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Covid, Profita (UniCamillus) “After a year, we fight remembering who is no longer with us”

Covid, Profita (UniCamillus) “After a year, we fight remembering who is no longer with us” “A year of Covid, more than 100 thousand deaths, in the eyes there is still the torment of the column of vehicles of the Italian Army that takes away the bodies of those who lost their lives due to a...
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4th of March: International Day against the Papilloma Virus

Call for information and awareness Today we celebrate the International Day against the Papilloma Virus, one of the most common infections at a global level. It is estimated that a HPV virus’ infection evolves in precancerous lesions or in carcinoma at cervical level in one in 4 or 5 women. Hence, as we are assuming...
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UniCamillus University, +34,2% in the enrolments to the Medicine Degree course Admission test

There have been 1158 enrolment applications to the Medicine and Surgery Degree course for the International Medical University UniCamillus in Rome for the Academic Year 2021/2022. Therefore, the applications mark an increase of 34,2% with respect to the admission test registrations for the same admission procedure of the Academic Year 2020/2021. “This is a terrific...
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Foibas, Profita (UniCamillus): “A tragedy that has been forgotten for too long, adds more pain to the current historical drama”

Although it is not a seat of public administration, UniCamillus, following a call of the Undersecretary Riccardo Fraccaro, has decided to display the Italian and European flags at half mast as a sign of respect for foiba victims, for the Giuliano-Dalmata exodus and for the events at the Eastern border. Having forgotten the foibas and...
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