Loan of Honor

UniCamillus provides a significant number of full or partial scholarships for deserving and highly motivated EU and non-EU students who do not have sufficient financial resources.

Scholarships are financed also by national and international organizations engaged in humanitarian activities; they believe in the support to future physicians, nurses, obstetricians and technicians who will address health emergencies that still affect a substantial part of the world

UniCamillus for Ukraine

Scholarships for students
fled from war

UniCamillus accepted the request of Italian Rectors’ Conference (CRUI) to take concrete actions for the benefit of students who fled from the war. Therefore UniCamillus makes 20 scholarships available to ukraine students for the enrollment in the degree courses held in english.

Ukraine students who want to contact UniCamillus University to get useful and detailed information about modalities and requirements can send an email to

Loan of Honor

Extra UE Students

The Foundation Progetto Salute, Promoter of UniCamillus, offers a number of scholarships which cover, fully or partially, tuition fees. They are intended for deserving and motivated NON EU students who are in financial need. In particular, the formula in use for the full scholarship is the “Loan of Honor”: the “loan” covers the entirety of tuition fees and is considered redeemed if, after achieving the degree, the person comes back to the country of origin or a similar one, chosen in accordance with the university, to work for at least three years

The awarding of a full or partial scholarship is subject to an evaluation process independent from the admission test, but will take into account the ranking achieved in the admission test.


UE Students

To the ones enrolled in the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery a.y 2022/2023 is provided a partial scholarship of the amount of 7.000,00€ for the candidates in the merit rankings with a valid ISEE (right of study) not higher than 55.000,00 as long as classified in the first 20 spots in the general ranking, as indicated in the art.7 of the call.

To the ones enrolled in the Degree Course in Dentistry and Dental Prostethics a.y 2022/2023 would be possible to apply for a scholarship recognition of the value of 5.000 euros, given upon the payment of the last installment, through the carrying out the written open assigment for the entrance exam, as indicated in the article 4.2 of the call.

Sister Grace Foligah

Extra UE Students

UniCamillus has established a scholarship for students coming from Ghana in memory of Sister Grace Foligah, a third year nursing student at at UniCamillus, who passed away in early 2021 due to the pandemic. Grace was born in Kpando, in Southeastern Ghana – near the border with Togo. She decided to become a nurse after encountering many people for whom religious comfort was not enough, and who needed the essential care that a nurse would be able to provide.
Grace perfectly embodied the mission of UniCamillus, as she wanted to put ‘more heart in those hands’, and a permanent scholarship has been established in her name in order to keep her memory alive.