Declaration of Enrica Nicolazzi, student of UniCamillus and winner of a scholarship “Borsa di Studio Dr. Vincenzo Sasso” for students enrolled in the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery

“This scholarship represents for me a moment of gratification for the sacrifices that have characterized my studies to date, but above all a warning to face future challenges with greater determination that, I hope, will one day lead me to doctor I dream of becoming. This initiative was set up in memory of a dentist who died prematurely, whose strong humanity as well as professionalism was told to me. Attending an international university like UniCamillus represents for me an added value, the detail that makes the difference. Studying in English in an international university I am sure will allow me to face every challenge with greater confidence, giving me a 360 ° preparation in a wide-ranging perspective. I hope to show myself, along this path, up to my expectations and to the prestigious University I am attending. I still don’t know for sure which path I will take after these six years; in any case, I hope to one day make my contribution to the protection of people’s health, in compliance with the professional and also moral principles that have been transmitted to me. I am deeply convinced, in fact, that being a doctor is the greatest expression of humanity ”.

This is the declaration of Enrica Nicolazzi, winner of the “Scholarship dr. Vincenzo Sasso ”at the Diodato Borrelli Liceo Classico in Santa Severina, in the province of Crotone.

The girl enrolled in the first year of Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery of UniCamillus who is glad to have young people among its students so motivated in pursuing their goals in the medical-health field, aspiring to become future doctors , dentists and health professionals in their own country and in the territories where there is more shortage of health workers.