By Unicamillus’ Professor Luca Signorini

This is a post-graduate specialization course intended for dentists and medical specialists who already practice oral implantology and who want to improve their skills in prosthetic treatment of the atrophic upper jaw without the use of bone grafts (graftless).

We thought of this course as an holistic path that allows participants to acquire all the necessary skills through theoretical lessons of frontal teaching with the projection of numerous surgical videos, practical activity first on mannequins and then on anatomical preparations, and finally the possibility of attending real surgical procedures.The advanced specialization course is a training process that will lead the learner to master advanced implantation techniques such as zygomatic, pterygoid and transinusal implants in order to rehabilitate patients with advanced bone atrophy of the upper jaw without performing bone grafts. This allows for faster, less invasive prosthetic reconstructions, with fewer complications and with the possibility of carrying out immediate loading.

Of particular importance is the dissective practice on cadaver that the students will carry out in the sector room. Only in this way is it possible to acquire in-depth knowledge of topographic anatomy that allows you to master surgical techniques. The trainees will perform the surgery and insert the implants both on the mannequin and on the corpse, replicating exactly what happens in the real surgery.

Finally, the prosthetic aspects will also be treated, which cannot be separated from any rehabilitation.

The course that will give attendees the opportunity to learn and apply techniques that will drastically improve the treatment options for atrophic patients.

The course will also allow the achievement of 5 CFU and 50 ECM.

Luca Signorini is Course Director and Professor of Odontostomatological System Diseases in the Degree Course in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques of UniCamillus.