YouTuber Alessandro De Concini a guest at UniCamillus to talk about study methods. The event was organised by the SIGMA students association.

Study less, study better: it’s not just a slogan for those who don’t feel like hitting the books. It really is possible, and excellent results can be achieved with less effort and stress. Alessandro De Concini, a teacher and trainer in the field of learning methods, explained this to our students. He has a over 29,000 followers on Instagram and 191,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

An event at the UniCongress building on Tuesday 19th December — organised by the students association SIGMA with the participation of Professor Badolamenti — focused on study methods, how to take notes correctly, how to approach a textbook and how to outline the concepts to be studied for an exam. Those students who thought that this was all trivial, learnt theoretically from school desks, were proved wrong in the end. De Concini’s advice and, in particular, the scientific explanations presented to support the topics discussed during the conference on how to make studying more efficient, were unanimously appreciated by the audience and also by the tutors present. UniCamillus Rector, Gianni Profita, who gave an institutional welcome at the opening of the conference, also praised the initiative.

“It is difficult to reconcile everyday life and studies. There is no need to beat around the bush”, De Concini said in his speech, “even more so when you have a working life in addition to your studies. But if a good study method is applied, it will eventually have an impact on the motivations that drive us forward. It’s the same principle that you apply to cooking: if you’re passionate about it, you’ll get more pleasure from preparing food with the right pans and well-maintained tools. If you do it with worn-out pots and tools, your enthusiasm is diminished. With the right tools — the right learning methods — it is more satisfying to see progress”.

In the second part of the conference, Professor Badolamenti, UniCamillus lecturer in Clinical Psychology and in charge of the University’s Listening and Counselling Service, dealt with topics related to stress and anxiety management, procrastination, lack of motivation and the most common fears shared by university students.

This was an event for students, created by students. The SIGMA association was born from the desire to grow together as protagonists in the UniCamillus academic life, with a sense of sharing best practices that bring future doctors closer to embodying the true values represented by a white coat. The founders are Mario Bonfanti, Marco Patrick Cabella, Manuelmaria Carbone and Francesco Ingusci. They are all UniCamillus MSc Medicine and Surgery students and are motivated to propose to their fellow students initiatives, seminars and meetings with professionals from different sectors of health and well-being. SIGMA is the means by which these students intend to make an innovative contribution to university education.