World’s Top 2% Scientists 2023: UniCamillus listed 6 times in the Global rankings

Stanford University has compiled the list of the world’s most cited scientists: 6 of them are professors at UniCamillus

UniCamillus is listed six times in the 2023 ranking of the top 2% of the world’s best scientists, compiled by Stanford University and published on October 4th by Elsevier, the Dutch publisher specialising in medical and scientific fields. The scientists are classified in 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields. 

The International Medical University in Rome contributes to bringing Italian excellence to the world, with six professors teaching at the University. 

In the field of ‘Public Health’ Professor Maria Rosaria Gualano, Associate in Hygiene at UniCamillus is featured.

Within the “Dentistry” section, Professor Paola Cozza, a Full Professor at UniCamillus specialising in the scientific field of odontostomatological diseases, Professor Ugo Covani, an Extraordinary Professor and specialist in Surgery and Stomatology, who is also as the director of various Oral Surgery CPD programs at the university, and Professor Adriano Piattelli, an Extraordinary Professor of Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, are cited.

In the field of “Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine,” you will find Professor Vittorio Unfer, a lecturer in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

In the “Dermatology and Venus Diseases,” category Professor Mauro Picardo, who teaches Skin and Venus Diseases, is listed.

The ranking is compiled in public lists, the ‘Updated Databases of Standardised Citation Indicators for authors working in the scientific field ‘ where the parameter is the number of citations received by scientists. The lists refer both to the entire career and to the last year analysed.”

An acknowledgment that encourages the pursuit of high-quality research

The faculty members affiliated with UniCamillus are included in the ranking for the 2022 calendar year, and they have expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction for this recognition.

Professor Cozza extends her thanks for the trust placed in her by UniCamillus Rector, Professor Gianni Profita, who has provided her with ‘the great opportunity to establish a new School of Clinical Research at UniCamillus for all those who still have the desire to engage in research.’ 

For her part, Professor Gualano, promises to continue making a substantial contribution to research in the field of public health, particularly in addressing emerging global issues such as public mental health.”

Professor Covani, the former President of the Istituto Stomatologico Toscano, reiterates his satisfaction in leading the research group, “a result of the collaboration between UniCamillus and IST.” Professor Piattelli echoes this sentiment, stressing the importance of research as “the essence of life and of being human.” He has been “dedicated to scientific research, both experimental and clinical, for more than 40 years” and hopes that the work of his group will serve as “a basis for new and further studies.”

New studies must find a driving force, according to Professor Unfer, who is the world’s leading scientist in the study of inositol’s use in Gynecology – aiming to improve the fertility of women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Unfer is delighted to be recognised among the world’s most cited scientists in his field, to which he has devoted “years of hard work, dedication, and passion.”

Professor Picardo, who also directs the Istituto Dermatologico Gallicano, also expressed his satisfaction and praise for the collaboration. He describes this recognition as “the result of the activity of a group of competent researchers, highly motivated, with the ability to constantly improve their skills and establish collaborations with other qualified groups”.