UniCamillus in memory of Haitian victims hit by the most devastating earthquake of recent centuries

It’s been ten years since the most violent earthquake of the last centuries of human history which caused over 200 thousand victims, including thousands of children. It involved, moreover, at least three million people who saw their home completely destroyed.

Since then, the Caribbean country has not yet risen and its economic and political situation is still in serious conditions, especially since 2017, following the two hurricanes Matthew and Irma, which again hit Haiti on its knees due to the previous earthquake, with winds up to 230km/h.

Furthermore, the level of health care is currently at the bottom of the world. Although a long time has passed, therefore, in Port-au-Prince, such as in the inland areas, most Haitians live in a perennial humanitarian crisis and in constant emergency.

UniCamillus, the International Medical University of Rome legally recognized with Ministerial Decree No. 927 of 11/28/2017, since its foundation has decided to help Haiti through the health training of numerous young health professionals who will soon be able to contribute directly to the rebirth of their country. The quality of education in health, through the growth of the skills of health professionals, plays in fact a crucial role in the achievement of strategic objectives especially in very poor countries like Haiti.

The Rector of UniCamillus, Gianni Profita, invites you to participate in the suffrage Mass in memory in French language, with the Ambassador of Haiti in Italy Charles Emmanuel, at the Giovanni XXIII Center in Via Casilina 205 at 7 pm on Sunday 12 January 2020. The Center, directed by Don Fabio Iodice – who will celebrate the function – hosts, from the beginning, also thanks to the generosity of the Holy Father, an important number of Haitian UniCamillus students.