UniCamillus and Argentina’s Universidad del Salvador: partners of the future

On 28th December, UniCamillus Rector Gianni Profita signed a Memorandum of Understanding with his counterpart, Professor Carlos Salvadores de Arzuaga, at the Universidad del Salvador (USAL).

This agreement marks the beginning of a partnership between the two universities, where innovation and implementation of cooperative projects are at its core.

USAL is a private, Catholic-inspired Argentinian university with its headquarters in Buenos Aires. Founded in 1944 by the Society of Jesus as the ‘Higher Institute of Philosophy’, it currently has around 30,000 students enrolled in the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, Psychology, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Economics, Political Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Modern Languages, Philosophy, History, Architecture, Sport, Art and Design.

This agreement, which runs for several years, aims to achieve a number of goals, including combined testing of new teaching approaches based on emerging technologies, in full obedience of social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversities, and the creation of an ambitious integrated ‘Erasmus Mundus’ Masters programme.