Note About Semester One Exams (February 2023)

We hereby inform you that the Semester One Exams (February 2023) will be held EXCLUSIVELY in-person and can be taken both in written and oral mode according to the methods defined by our teaching staff. 

Please note that, in order to sit examinations, students must: 

1. have reached the attendance percentage as indicated in their specific programme’s academic regulations; 

2. ensure that they have paid their tuition fees

3. have passed the OFA test in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to be able to sit the relevant exams (only for students who failed the test); 

4. be compliant with health documentation and have correctly uploaded the tuberculin test on the WebApp (please note the test’s annual deadline). Also contact the relevant Office at for any questions; 

5. have submitted in person the Original Document of the Declaration of Value to the Registrar’s Office (only for students with a foreign diploma);

6. have successfully completed their booking on the GOMP portal (as outlined in the guide accessible at the link Guide.pdf) within the deadline set by the Teaching Services Office of your course. 

Without a correct booking, it will NOT be possible to sit any exam. Students are therefore requested to carry out the procedure correctly and to keep the booking receipt, which is automatically issued by the system. 

In the event of any technical problems or difficulties arising during the booking procedure, students are invited to promptly inform the Teaching Services Office by and no later than the booking deadline. Reports received after the deadline will not be considered. Under no circumstances will the Teaching Services Office staff add names to the list of examinees after the deadline. 

Anyone who is not in compliance with even one of the above-mentioned points will NOT be allowed to sit exams. 

Students who have completed the booking procedure within the deadline, but present an irregularity with points 2), 4) and 5), will be able to fix their position within 3 working days from the date of the exam. Should this deadline not be met, students will not be able to take the exam. 

It should also be noted that, if a student sits an exam without having made the booking according to the times and modes specified, the mark obtained will be declared null and void and will not be recorded.

In addition, please note that you must swipe your badges on the readers located at the University  entrance in order to sit examinations. 
Access will not be allowed to students without badges.


Please note that, starting from this first exam session of the academic year 2022-2023 (February 2023), the procedure for recording marks has changed

Students must accept/reject the mark obtained directly through the GOMP portal (https://unicamillus within 7 days of the marks being put online; without an acceptance/rejection by the student, the mark will be recorded and no changes will be made. 

For further information, please read the new guide published on the website at the following link: 

For questions about exams or other teaching issue, please contact the Teaching Services Office:

– Health Professions,

– Medicine and Surgery, 

– Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics,