The role of the ICU nurse

Written by Manuele Cesare, Lecturer in the On-line Master in Critical Care Nursing at UniCamillus

The ICU nurse is the primary responsible for the care taking and treatment of patients whith an unstable and/or critical clinical situation. The nurse manages and coordinates nursing care through an in-depth and ongoing assessment, therapies and high-intensity interventions. In the Intensive Care Unit, a nurse takes crucial clinical decisions based on the best available scientific evidence, clinical experience and patient preferences.

The nurse is equipped with advanced skills that enable him to carry out specific, autonomous or complementary interventions of a technical-scientific, managerial, relational and educational nature; he plans healthcare assistance through scientifically validated tools; he identifies, analyzes, calculates and treats risks related to care provision by systematically evaluating healthcare outcomes. In this complicated environment, the individual clinical act acquires substantial importance in the overall care process and must be based on continuous education to ensure a safe and quality treatment.

The Critical Care Nursing course in the Critical Care Nursing Program provides fundamental tools and approaches that will enable students to integrate the latest scientific evidence into the nursing clinical practice in this field. The course addresses specific topics, such as structural and organizational features of the Intensive Care Unit, models of healthcare assistance, communication and handover, nursing documentation requirements, management of risks associated with clinical practice, strategies to increase the safety of the treatment, the nurse’s role in specific settings such as the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit, and specialized procedures in the critical care area, such as management of invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support.

Manuele Cesare is a Lecturer in the Degree of Nursing and First Level Master in Critical Care Nursing at UniCamillus, where he teaches Critical Care Nursing.

This Master aims at training qualified nurses equipped with multidisciplinary skills in the critical care area: assistance, diagnosis, clinical evaluation and therapy. An in-depth study and knowledge of these factors allows to detect emergency situations in which the patient has a condition of clinical instability.

Classes are delivered in e-learning mode with the ability to access the platform 24 hours a day and use, at any time, all the teaching materials made available by teachers.