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Gabriele Egidi

Product categories of food - CHIM/10


Gabriele Egidi is a dietitian, graduated with honors in Human Nutrition Sciences at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He obtained several Grade School educations in different fields such as Nutrition and Applied dietetics Science, Management and health professions coordination, Nutrition and Cosmetics; and Diet and Nutrition. Currently, he is a permanent dietitian staff at IRCCS Polyclinic Foundation University of A. Gemelli as well as Program Director of Degree Course in Dietetics Science at the Catholic University.

Gabriele has several academic positions, he is a professor of Economics and rural appraisal at a Degree Course in Dietetics Science; he is teaching “Nutrition for health, well-being, and sport ” and ” Dietetics and Nutrition “at Grad School of the Catholic University of Rome. Moreover, he is a Professor at the Claudiana University of Bozen teaching Nutrition Biochemistry, Vitamin Biochemistry, Chemistry of Dietetic Products, Economics, and rural appraisal. He is the winner of tender MED/49 for teaching in Food Sciences.