Medicine and Sports Science: UniCamillus hosts world champions meeting

Bussi, Masala, Pietrangeli and Volandri at the third Horizons of Medicine conference series

The third conference of the Horizons of Medicine series of seminars will take place on Tuesday 12th December at 2:30pm, with the participation of various experts and professionals from different health disciplines.

The third session, entitled “Medicine and Sports Science”, will focus on the link between medicine and sport, which is crucial for two reasons: on the one hand, medicine allows athletes to maximise their potential by reducing the risk of injury and improving the effectiveness of training programmes; on the other, doing sports contributes significantly to general well-being. This creates a virtuous circle, fuelled by the inextricable link between sporting performance and health protection.

To illustrate this concept, the conference will be attended by world champions in various sports who have brought international fame and glory to Italy: Vittoria Bussi, cyclist and holder of the women’s cycling’s world hour record; Daniele Masala, world and olympic pentathlon champion; Nicola Pietrangeli, Italian International Tennis Ambassador, former Italian and world champion, Italy captain in the Davis Cup and Honorary President of “Tennis & Friends – Health and Sport”; Filippo Volandri, former Italian tennis champion in the 2023 Davis Cup.

The roundtable discussion will also be attended by the President of the Serie A League, Lorenzo Casini, and will be moderated by Alberto Rimedio, RAI sports commentator for Italy’s national football team.

The conference will start after introductory greetings by UniCamillus Rector Gianni Profita, by Beniamino Quintieri, President of the Istituto per il credito Sportivo (ICS), and by Donatella Padua, lecturer in Sociology at UniCamillus and delegate for the University’s Third Mission.

The conference will take place at the University’s headquarters in Rome, Via di Sant’Alessandro 30.

Admission is free and open to all interested individuals, subject to registration at this link

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