Digital Health: UniCamillus University presents the latest developments in the field

Among the technologies presented is a revolutionary life-saving app for heart patients

The fourth conference of the Horizons of Medicine series of seminars will be held on Friday 15th December at 2pm, bringing together experts and professionals from various healthcare disciplines.

The fourth session, entitled “Digital Health and Innovation in Medicine: Revolutionising Patient Care”, will focus on digital health, a major revolution in healthcare that offers innovations to improve the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare services.

Through technologies such as telemedicine, monitoring apps and electronic records, digital health optimises communication between patients and doctors, facilitating personalised treatments. Advanced data analytics promote prevention and early diagnosis, reducing healthcare costs.

In addition, digital technology in healthcare promotes patient empowerment, enabling them to be conscious protagonists of their health. During the conference, Med58 ‒ an app for monitoring heart patients ‒ will be discussed, enabling early detection of potentially fatal symptoms. Professor Luca Weltert, a lecturer at UniCamillus, is one of the speakers who contributed to its development.

The conference will begin with introductory greetings by UniCamillus Rector Gianni Profita, and Donatella Padua, lecturer in Sociology at UniCamillus and delegate for the University’s Third Mission.

The speakers will then share their insights, exploring the ongoing digital transformations in the healthcare sector.

Some of the participants will include: Francesco Vaia, Lecturer in Business Economics at UniCamillus and General Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health; Patrizia Angelotti, CEO and Partner at Accurate Srl; Giada Bernardini, Enterprise Services, Siemens Healthineers; Alessandro Fazio, Dr. Feel CEO; Annarita Leobruni, Councillor for Education and School Policies and Equal Opportunities, Municipality of Rome ‒ District no. 4; Luca Weltert, Medical Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the European Hospital and UniCamillus lecturer in Medical Statistics.

The conference will be held at the Uiversity’s headquarters in Rome, Via di Sant’Alessandro 8.

Admission is free and open to all interested individuals, subject to registration at this link.

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