Introducing IT-Alert: the new Civil Protection alarm system

Impending or ongoing emergencies will be communicated through messages on mobile phones.

The IT-Alert service, the new public alarm system designed to alert people in case of danger, is currently in its testing phase.

UniCamillus has welcomed the move of the Civil Protection and Maritime Policies Minister, Nello Musumeci to inform students and the entire Academic Community about this new service provided by the Civil Protection authorities.

Through text messages on mobile phones, IT-Alert notifies users of any severe imminent or ongoing emergencies, with particular attention to the most vulnerable geographical areas of Italy.

This service will work along with the alarm systems already in place, in addition to the information shared by the Civil Protection Agency.

The type of emergencies that will be communicated during the testing of the system, as outlined in the Directive of 7th February 2023, are as follows:

– tsunami generated by an earthquake

– collapse of a large dam

– volcanic activity

– nuclear incidents

– incidents related to contact with hazardous substances

– heavy rainfall

Initial tests have been conducted in Tuscany (June 28), Sardinia (June 30), Sicily (July 5), Calabria (July 7), and Emilia-Romagna (July 10).

By the end of 2023, tests will also be carried out in other regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano and Trento.

For further information please visit the IT-Alert website.

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