In UniCamillus an event on new therapies for heart failure

On January 24th from 09.00 a.m. the Regional Seminar of the Italian Society of Geriatric Cardiology entitled “PERFECT THERAPY” OF HEART RATE, will be held at UniCamillus, International Medical University of Rome. The leading experts in the sector will intervene to share their experiences and opinions.

Actually, there are many innovations in the field of heart failure that justify a development of the theme in the field of prevention and treatment. New evidence demonstrates the efficacy in terms of increasing the chance of survival of recently discovered drugs, such as sacubitril-valsartan and Dapaglifozin. The latter is an anti-diabetes drug that lowers mortality and hospitalizations by 26% in patients with heart failure, even in the absence of diabetes. Surgical and interventional solutions on heart valves can consistently change the prognosis, as well as the electrical modulation of the pump function of the heart. The current medicine offers new imaging techniques with different diagnostic perspectives provided by technological improvements in echocardiography.

Heart failure can be considered, from an epidemiological point of view, the most important chronic-degenerative pathology, on which to build management paths that can be imitated by other chronic diseases: the “organizational therapy” considering, in fact, similarly to what has been done to evaluate the heart attack, the key to improving care efficiency with significant impact on outcomes.

The conference will take place in Round Tables, with the aim of sharing the opinions and experiences of the participants.

Heart failure currently affects about 14 million European and, the Center for Heart Failure of the Istituto Auxologico Italiano, estimates that in 2020 it will reach 30 million.

These are important data that highlight how the prevalence of this pathology can have a significant impact on the socio-health system considering that, in terms of resource absorption, an average cost of about 12,000 euros/year has been calculated for each patient with heart failure that requires resorting to diagnostic investigations, drug treatments and re-hospitalization due to the exacerbation of the disease.

Currently, there have been registered in Italy about 600,000 patients suffering from heart failure and it has been estimated that the frequency of the disease doubles every ten years of age.

Hence, the seminar opened by the greetings of Gianni Profita, Rector of UniCamillus, and by an introductory reading by Cardiologist Alessandro Boccanelli, Professor of Moral Philosophy in UniCamillus, will be an essential opportunity to develop innovative strategies for the treatment of this crucial pathology from an epidemiological point of view.