Venice MSc in Medicine and Surgery: first day of lectures at the UniCamillus IRCCS San Camillo al Lido campus

UniCamillus opens up in Venice: we’ve been writing about it a lot lately, and there have been several newspaper articles about it.

The big day has come: for the first time in the history of the Venetian capital, a medicine lecture was held on 18th December 2023 in the prestigious setting of the IRCCS San Camillo.
A mutual opportunity between UniCamillus and Venice: the lagoon city has shown full confidence in our University, and UniCamillus has designed an MSc in Medicine and Surgery, a programme that didn’t exist yet in the Venetian capital. This was made possible thanks to our tutors, whose excellence already shone through their lectures in the Rome campus.

The admissions test was held on 7 December, in home-based mode, and was attended by more than three times the number of available places.

Almost all the first-year students were present this morning at the first lecture, full of enthusiasm to embark on a totally new adventure. Most of them come from the Veneto region, but there are also students from other distant regions such as Campania, Lazio, and Puglia.

The first semester will be very intense, with classes from Monday to Friday and exams taking place in March.

The students are also supported from a logistical point of view by both the University and the IRCCS San Camillo del Lido in Venice: agreements have been reached for the canteen, transport, and parking.“The organisation, although very fast, has produced excellent results”, commented Professor Barbara Tavazzi, President of the MSc in Medicine and Surgery. “We have a lot in common with the IRCCS, both academically and in terms of research. This collaboration has genuinely started under the most auspicious circumstances”.

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