UniCamillus research honoured: Align Technology awards two prizes for the work of Professor Lione

UniCamillus has been awarded two research grants from Align Technology. The leading American orthodontic technology company has invested $275,000 in research grants this year, awarded to eleven universities around the world, which werechosen as part of the 12th Align Technology Award.

The International Medical University of Rome has received two awards following the work of Professor Roberta Lione. Her research work, carried out in the field of orthodontics and dentistry, was deemed worthy of receiving major funding, which will enable the University to pursue further scientific development projects in the field of dentistry and orthodontic treatment.

Paola Cozza, Full Professor at the School of Medicine and Programme Director of the CPD second-level course in Orthodontics, explained the University’s achievement as follows: “The introduction of aligners for the patient in the growth phase has enabled us to carry out new research projects aimed at the validation of an efficient and effective clinical response. The opportunity to participate in the Align Technology Research Award Programme was an additional source of motivation for our research group. Thanks to Dr Lione’s studiesEffects of IPR by mechanical oscillating strips system on biological structures: a qualitative evaluation and Cephalometric assessment of mandibular sequential distalisation with Invisalign in Class III patients – this time we have been awarded two prizes which acknowledge our tenacity and will to test new therapeutic approaches using innovative methodologies”.

Fausto Grossi, Italy General Manager of Align Technology explained: “More and more universities are committing to research protocols to analyse the effects of treatment with clear aligners, which are now applicable in the majority of malocclusions and in different age groups. Align Technology is proud to collaborate with 18 Italian universities nationwide with the goal of promoting continuing education projects and providing specialised training to orthodontists who use clear aligners in their clinical practice. This year, we are honoured to award research funds to no fewer than three Italian universities that have distinguished themselves in the field of orthodontic treatment and dentistry”. In addition to UniCamillus, the University of Insubria, the University of Varese, and the University of Turin were awarded research grants.

The rest of the world includes the Gazi University in Ankara (Turkey), the American Rutger University (New Jersey), the University of California (San Francisco), the University of Colorado (Anschutz), and the Chinese Universities of Sichuan, in Chengdu, the Xi’an University of Jiaotong, in Xian, and the Jiao Tong University, in Shanghai.