UniCamillus BSc in Physiotherapy: an educational path that looks towards the future of the physiotherapy profession

Studying physiotherapy enables immediate full professional realisation right after obtaining your degree. Data collected from the most significant research in this field shows that with the increasing average age in addition to the growing awareness of personal well-being and health care, physiotherapists are, and will increasingly be, in high demand within the healthcare sector. UniCamillus is aware of the significant potential offered by the BSc in Physiotherapy, which is also taught in English, precisely to provide our students with the best possible opportunities for their future.

As reported by ANSA, there are currently nearly 70,000 physiotherapists in Italy (mostly women) registered with various regional boards, and this number is constantly growing, both in our country and around the world. Furthermore, many recent graduates, after completing their three-year degree, which itself makes them skilled physios, choose to specialise further abroad. For them, having attended UniCamillus’ English-language BSc in Physiotherapy is a clear advantage.

According to data from AlmaLaurea, over 80% of graduates actively work as physiotherapists within a year of completing their studies. It’s no coincidence that the presence of under 40s in this sector is one of the highest, with nearly 30,000 active professionals.

UniCamillus’ Physiotherapy graduates not only acquire the knowledge and technical skills about the musculoskeletal and neurological functioning of the human body but also pay special attention to interacting with people. This is not only because the University has made multiculturalism one of its strengths, but also because throughout the three-year course, the key aspects of a physiotherapist’s professional responsibility for patient care and rehabilitation are repeatedly emphasised.

Interpersonal skills are as crucial for physiotherapists as technical competence and practical skills since they enable the establishment of effective relationships with patients of all ages. That’s why, alongside traditional lectures, seminars, mandatory internships, and numerous practical activities in laboratories and real-life settings with real people, UniCamillus’ BSc in Physiotherapy also includes instruction in the humanities and psycho- pedagogical sciences. Our guiding principles in training new professionals in this field are therapeutic education, prevention and research, all of which go hand in hand with the importance of communication and healthy relationships between individuals.

The admission tests are open until October 2nd, with first-year lectures starting in November.