UniCamillus at the Global Education Expo 2023: the International Medical University of Rome welcomed in the United Arab Emirates

Global Society and University Education go together: this was the focus of the Global Education Expo 2023, held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on August 19th and 20th respectively, where UniCamillus represented Italian educational excellence. The university-globalization pairing is no coincidence, especially in today’s world. Countries around the globe are increasingly focused on challenges that concern the entire planet, as highlighted by the 2030 Agenda’s goals. These challenges span economic, environmental, and health aspects, as well as cooperation for peace and a fairer, more sustainable coexistence.

All of this cannot happen without well-prepared professionals who, as an added value, are educated by internationally-minded educators and experts. UniCamillus thrives on its openness to international students. Since its inception, the International Medical University of Rome has welcomed students from all over the world, particularly from developing countries where access to healthcare is more challenging. Thus, encouraging an increase in medical professionals becomes crucial.

The international vocation and humanitarian spirit of UniCamillus led to its selection as part of the Global Education Expo 2023. The global university fair chose only ten universities to participate, representing Canada, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Cyprus, Georgia, Malaysia, Serbia, and Italy, with UniCamillus representing Italy. The goal was to provide an orientation service to the over 2200 students enrolled in the event, who were interested in studying at a quality university abroad.

UniCamillus guidance experts interacted with hundreds of individuals eager to enroll in Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Professions. It was a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between demand and supply in education, transcending national boundaries. Individual meetings were held to outline paths toward successful careers and access to excellent academic programs, customized based on each individual’s aspirations and talents.

Students inquiring about our university come from various parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, India, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, England, South Africa, and the Middle East. To provide them with the best guidance, UniCamillus experts informed them not only about the educational path and career prospects, including the remarkable recognition of our degrees abroad, but also about the characteristics of student life in a city of immense transnational value like Rome.

A comprehensive guidance approach left no stone unturned, and it continues to show numerous young individuals the path to achieving their goals and working in the Healthcare sector, one of the most internationally recognized fields. The interest among students worldwide is evident from the numbers gathered during this event.