Prof. Gianni Profita, UniCamillus Rector, meets the Libyan Ambassador to Italy, Muhanad Younus

We are working on new ideas for academic collaboration and for the establishment of a Mediterranean university in Tripoli.

Yesterday, UniCamillus’ Rector, Gianni Profita, met with the Libyan Ambassador to Italy, Muhanad Younus, at the Libyan Embassy in Rome, located in via Nomentana. This continues the work of UniCamillus to build strong bonds of friendship with the North African country, aiming for potential collaborations in the training of professionals in the medical and healthcare fields.

Following the great success of the initiative held in Tripoli last week, where an agreement was signed with the Libyan Emergency Medicine and Support Centre (EMSC), jointly promoted by Policlinico Di Liegro, represented on that occasion by Prof. Iannuzzi Mungo, the mutual willingness to collaborate academically and scientifically was reaffirmed on this new occasion. UniCamillus intends to contribute to the reconstruction and stabilisation of the Libyan healthcare system by providing professional training to meet the needs of a country which has been experiencing challenging years.

“The mission of UniCamillus is founded on providing young people from developing countries with the opportunity to come to Italy, acquire skills, and use them to improve the living conditions in their home countries”, stated the University’s Rector.
“The exchange of knowledge and academic collaborations between our two countries are highly beneficial”, added Ambassador Younus, who went on to say that “this dialogue was important for both parties in defining potential further collaborative developments, starting with student exchanges”. On the one hand, the aim is to offer future Libyan doctors the opportunity to come to Italy to complete their training and acquire skills that they can use back in their own country. On the other hand, Italian students could have the chance to experience firsthand what it means to operate in emergency conditions, testing their capabilities and directly contributing to their professional expertise on-site.

Ambassador Younus and Prof. Profita also discussed the idea of working on a Mediterranean university, initially for students from the Mediterranean countries. This broad project is founded on the shared belief that fostering inter-Mediterranean relations based on academic excellence can be a significant driving force for promoting intercultural dialogue and, not least, facilitating diplomacy among countries connected and brought closer together by the Mediterranean’s innumerable seashores. “Foreign policy today, more than ever, needs fewer warships and more means of spreading well-being and knowledge”, Rector Profita added. “As a University, we are proudly at the forefront of contributing to promoting the principle of mutual collaboration, being advocates for ideas and projects that we hope will multiply very soon”.