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Marco Paturzo

Nursing Sciences - MED/45


Dr. Paturzo Marco was born in Calabria, a land full of traditions.

He moved to Rome to begin his university at the Faculty of Medicine Tor Vergata.

At first he graduated the Bacherol in Nursing then Master’s degree and at the end he graduated the PhD In Nursing Science and Pubblic Health when he spent a training period at New York University in NY under the supervision of his mentor Prof. Victoria Vaughan Dickson, studying the self-care of cargegiver in patients with heart failure.

In the meantime, he participates at several national and international congresses, obtaining important awards.
At the same time he devoted himself to economic studies in the health sector, graduated a master degree in Economics.

Despite this, Dr. Paturzo has always cultivated his own passions including music, specifically the piano and the sea.