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Antonio Di Lascio

Applied Technical and Medical Sciences - Med/50


I hold a degree in Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques (since 2003), a three-year academic title obtained at the University of Naples “Federico II”, which qualifies me as a Radiology Technician (TSRM) in Italy. I have worked in important Italian diagnostic centers, particularly at the SDN of Naples, where I was one of the first Italian TSRMs to work with PET and PET/CT systems in the early 2000s. I have delved into professional areas such as nuclear medicine, CT scanning, digital storage systems (RIS/PACS), interventional radiology, and hemodynamics. I have had extensive professional experience at the Tor Vergata University Polyclinic in Rome, the national hospital “A. Cardarelli” in Naples, and the ASL Salerno. Passionate about this profession and medical imaging in general, I have pursued various specializations including a master’s degree in “Legal, Forensic, and Insurance Aspects”, in addition to a master’s degree in “Sciences of Diagnostic Healthcare Professions”. I delve into legal and medicolegal aspects related to professional practice and clinical risk in healthcare, providing technical consultation and expertise in healthcare liability judgments, as well as addressing the ethical and deontological aspects of the profession and the role of institutional representation of healthcare professions and professional regulatory bodies, by participating in conferences and congresses and contributing to various articles and scientific publications.

From a scientific standpoint, I am the author of several publications and have participated in numerous national and international congresses as an invited speaker, sharing the fruits of my professional commitment, both with technical/clinical and managerial/organizational and legal arguments.

I am involved in university teaching in various capacities and have collaborated as a contract professor with several universities, including the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, the University of Campania (L. Vanvitelli) in Naples, the University of Salerno, UniCamillus – Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences, and the online university Pegaso. I strongly believe in the value of healthcare professions as a key to the development of our healthcare system and the humanization of care, which cannot be separated from the human qualities of those who, as healthcare professionals, participate in the provision of care and health services. For this reason, I am committed to researching teaching methods functional to education and scientific dissemination, publishing articles or collaborating, with presentations and interventions, in conferences and congresses.

Over the years, I have dedicated a lot of effort to the institutional representation of the TSRM healthcare profession and currently hold the position of secretary of the TSRM and PSTRP Order of the province of Salerno and member of the Radiology Technicians Register Commission at the Salerno Order. For several years, I have been collaborating at the central level with the National Federation of TSRM and PSTRP Orders in the work of the AGML (legal-medical aspects) working group and the Protection System and Insurance Policy in the defense area (technical consultation and expertise).