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Angela Andreoli

Physiology - BIO/09


Permanent position as Researcher and Assistent Professor at Univerasity of Rome Tor Vergata Degree in Medicine and Surgery – University of Rome “La Sapienza” Rome.
Speciality in Clinical Pathology (Summa Cum Laude), University of Pavia.
Master Degree in Nutrition, University “Tor Vergata” Rome.

PhD in “Body Fluid Compartment Physioligy, University “Tor Vergata” Rome Author of over 100 publications in international journals and national, concerning Mediterranean diet, nutritional status, body composition in obese subjects and in athletes as result of experience and clinical studies of his long career. She deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of nutrition, assessing the nutritional status with the bioelectrical impedance (fat mass, lean body mass and total body water) by indirect calorimetry (basal metabolic rate) by DXA (Body Composition) and provides support for personalized and adequate therapeutic-diet in chronic degenerative diseases. Nutritional Consultant of the Italian National Team of the Water Polo team (Settebello).

Teaching Human Physiology and Human Nutrition at Faculty of Medicine “Tor Vergata” Rome and at Faculty of Medicinein Tirana, Albania.