Personalized Tutoring Service for Students

Dear students,
Unicamillus University is pleased to announce that starting from 22nd March, it will offer a personalized tutoring service.

The people in charge of this service are your tutors, who will support you in managing and organizing your degree pathway, in interacting with lecturers, and preparing for exams, with the aim of accompanying you in acquiring greater awareness regarding the choices you will have to make during your university studies.

This service will have the following objectives: facilitating learning processes; optimizing the use of time and work organization; identifying the best learning methodologies; promoting motivation, self-efficacy, and effectiveness in the relationship with your tutors; planning for exams; promoting self-assessment of achieved results; helping and supporting you in the development of your degree pathway and in making informed choices.

Students who intend to take advantage of this service can book an appointment with their tutor using the guide attached, starting from Monday 20th March.

The tutors will meet students at the Unicongress building, in the offices located on the first floor. We recommend that you are on time and that you keep the appointment you have arranged with your tutor.

→ For more information visit the dedicated page.