Open Day 2024 ‒ UniCamillus University will open its doors to prospective students on 20 January

UniCamillus will be welcoming new potential students on 20 th January, when Open Day 2024 will take place. This event aims to introduce everyone to the University’s facilities, including the new UniHall and Auditorium buildings, and to showcase both degree programmes and academic activities.

Guests will be welcomed at the entrance of Via Sant’Alessandro 30 for registration and delivery of UniCamillus gadgets at 9am. From 10am to 11am, details of each degree programme offered will be provided by both presidents and programme directors in the Aula Magna and Blue Classroom of the UniLabs buildings. During the presentation of the MSc in Medicine and Surgery programme, a live streaming video will be launched of the
recently opened Venice branch, where a UniCamillus delegation will illustrate the activities put in place at Lido di Venezia.

Until 11am, visitors will be able to tour various areas of campus. This will allow them to become familiar with spaces that could soon become part of their daily lives. Inside the buildings, guests will find several information booths, set up and managed by the orientation service team and students, where they’ll be able to ask as many questions as they wish. Dedicated spaces are also planned to illustrate the activities involving UniLife,
UniSport, and both the Erasmus and CPD programmes offered.

Towards the end of the morning it will also be possible to visit classrooms and laboratories. In the latter, activities will take place which will be conducted by the University’s teaching staff. Participants will be able to appreciate the quality of the equipment and facilities available and will therefore have a clear idea of what to expect.

From 12:30pm onwards, guests will be given the opportunity to learn about the world of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Professions admissions tests.Thanks to the support of an expert from the Selexi company, it will be possible to simulate the UniCamillus admissions test and ask questions about it.

Open Day 2024 will end at 1pm, with the hope of seeing most of the participants soon returning to UniCamillus as students, not just visitors.
To register for the event please fill in the form you can find on our website Participation is free.