Healthy Nurses
Healthier Patients

Nurses Week 2022 / #UniCamillusNURSES

UniCamillus joins International Nurses Week

We know nurses are working under challenging circumstances. Despite this, they continue to go above and beyond to deliver highly skilled, safety-critical care to patients every single day. The pandemic brought to light the courage and the commitment with which nurses work every day, and showed the important role nurses play in the community.

UniCamillus 2022 Nurses Week (6-12 May) is a chance to celebrate what nurses do, as well as an opportunity to thank them.


This Nurses Week has been developed by a team of UniCamillus Nursing students.


The theme is Healthy Nurses, Healthier Patients and it was developed by a team of UniCamillus Nursing students. The journey of becoming a nurse has shown them the risks they are exposed to because of some unhealthy habits: smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of rest or exercise, poor diet.

Nurses usually take care of patients, and their intense work often leads to unhealthy habits. UniCamillus 2022 Nurses Week aims to change the perspective and raise awareness about risk factors from unhealthy habits: taking care of yourself means (also) taking care of patients.

If you are a nurse or on your way to becoming a nurse, join us and share your #UniCamillusNURSES story – it might talk about colleagues or examples of care you provided, or care provided to yourself or loved ones. Nurses Day is your opportunity to share your story and say thank you.