International Day of the Midwife, 100 years of progress

On May 5, we celebrate Midwives from all over the world. On this occasion, UniCamilllus created a video to pay homage to the figure of the Midwife, jointly with Santa Famiglia Nursing Home.

The video consists of a short film dedicated to Midwives and Midwifery students. Both of them choose to carry out such a crucial profession to achieving and guaranteeing the best health outcomes for women, babies and families.

100 years of progress, from the midwife figure, linked to manual skills and knowledge handed down from generation to generation, to the today Obstetrician, whose clinical practice is based on scientific evidence. Anyway, the profession core is the same: to be close to women with empathy, sensitivity, creativity and responsibility“, Professor Sofia Colaceci, Director of the Degree Course in Midwifery, declared on the occasion of International Day of the Midwife.

Furthermore, the Director involved students of this Degree Course in the Midwives on the road project. Promoted by the Order of the Midwifery Profession of Rome and its Province (Ordine della Professione Ostetrica di Roma e Provincia), “Midwives on the road” is dedicated to May 5th  – International Day of the Midwife. Students of Degree Courses in Midwifery from other universities in Rome took part in the project, as well. In both central and suburban areas of Rome, students delivered informative material to women they met, especially a brochure describing midwives competences. In addition, they provided information about prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, breastfeeding, screenings and gynaecological prevention.