Notice for 1st year Physiotherapy students



This notice is aimed at all students enrolled in the first year of the Physiotherapy three-year degree course in English at the UniCamillus University and who wish to transfer to the 2nd year.

All students who, after the enrolment in the A.Y.2022/2023, have submitted a regular credits recognition request and have already sent back to the Didactic Office of the Degree Course the summary sheet of credits recognised by the Evaluation Committee signed for acceptance may respond to the following notice. Students who have fulfilled this requirement may adhere to this notice by submitting an application to transfer to the 2nd year by completing and signing the appropriate application form (Attachment 1) and sending it in the manner indicated in point 1).     

1) Procedure for submitting the application for transfer to the 2nd year
The application for transfer to the 2nd year (Attachment 1), duly completed and signed, must be submitted within Wednesady 16/11/2022 by 5PM using the following methods:

– by email to
– by cem

2) Procedures for applications evaluation
On the basis of the received applications, the Registrar’s Office will assess them by checking the CFUs already recognised for the student following the credit recognition application.
In the event of an equal number of recognised CFU, the candidate with the highest average mark will prevail.
In the event of a further equal number of marks, the candidate with the youngest age will prevail.
The minimum requirement for passing to the 2nd year is 22 CFU. Recognised CFUs relating to “elective courses” will be excluded from this calculation.

3) Ranking list and possible scrollings:
The evaluation results of the transfer to the 2nd year requests, will be published on the website and on the University WebApp on Thursday 17/11/2022.

Only candidates who have submitted within the provided deadlines their transfer applications will be indicated anonimously (ID number and initials of name and last name)  in the ranking list.

Candidates who have applied for transfer having obtained a score below the minimum requirements indicated in point 2) will not be admitted to the 2nd year and will therefore remain enrolled in the 1st year.

The Registrar’s Office will send an email confirming the transfer to those who have been placed in a useful position in the ranking list. As soon as the procedure is finalised on Gomp, students will also be able to follow the lessons relating to the 2nd year study plan, in accordance with the didatic calendar. Students are reminded that for any information of a didactic nature, they must contact the Didactic Office of the degree course by sending an email to

For further information please contact the Registrar’s Office at


Rome, 14/11/2022

Registrar’s Office

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