New project aiming to cut food waste through nutrition supplements and food sold at chemists

The fight against food waste is now focusing on nutrition supplements and baby food. One of the greatest challenges of this century is to promote across society the best practices for a more sustainable future. Starting from April 2023, a company involved in the intermediate distribution sector has launched a new project aimed at changing the way unsold food from chemists and industrial suppliers gets managed. It is a circular sustainability project, focused on social and environmental issues, which works towards collecting unsold nutrition supplements or food products meant for coeliac people and baby food.

Many suppliers have already joined the project and started working actively and cooperating with charitable foundations such as the Food Bank. In this way, huge amounts of unsold food can be saved from waste. More than 850 food items a week have already been saved from waste and redistributed to people in need.

The goal of this project, according to its creators, is to save more than 10 tons of food that would go to waste each year. The project started in 3 distribution hubs in Lombardy, Campania and Sardinia, but the intention is to expand to other hubs in order to save as many items as possible, including medical devices. Over recent years many unsold products have got destroyed before being expired: saving them helps reduce CO2 emissions and shows a sense of responsibility towards the needy.

The final message carried within this project is to have companies rethink their management processes in the production of goods in their food and pharmaceutical sectors. Creating an economy aimed at sustainability must become an identifying feature of every civil and advanced society.