International Nurses Day

Today, 12th May, is International Nurses Day. As every year since 1965, an essential professional figure in health care is celebrated all over the world for their contribution to the whole of society. The decision to hold the anniversary on this date dates back to 1974, when it was decided to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale (Florence, 12 May 1820 – London, 13 August 1910), considered the founder of modern nursing. Each year the International Council of Nurses (ICN) chooses a theme for the celebrations and to spread the importance of nursing in patient care in various socio-cultural spheres.

In Italy, the National Federation of Nursing Boards (Fnopi) has chosen ‘The talent of nurses, art and science in evolution’ as its slogan this year. The intention is to emphasise the relevance of the nurse’s role above all in the daily relationship of trust with patients, because ‘relationship time’ is to all intents and purposes ‘nursing time’.

The nursing profession is indeed steeped in culture, science, and social relevance. In recent years, characterised by the pandemic, it has become even more evident how the role of the nurse is not only a pivot of the entire health care system, but a point of reference for the entire community. And this day is the best opportunity for all workers in this sector to reaffirm, above all, the high professional quality that the entire nursing profession represents.