FAQ Online Masters

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a UniCamillus 1st level Master last?

Masters consists of 60 CFUs. Each CFUs involves a total commitment (video lectures, additional materials and individual study) of 25 hours for a total amount of 1,500 hours. Masters achievement (equal to 1,500 hours of total commitment and corresponding to 60 CFUs) can take place from 6 months, starting from the day of registration and within the maximum term of 2 years (starting from enrolment) – extensions for proven reasons excluded.

How are the online Masters’ courses structured?

Masters are delivered completely in e-learning mode and students can therefore attend them on any day and at any time.
Once the enrolment is completed, students receive login credentials trough which they can access their private area and start attending the recorded video lectures.
After attending all the recorded video lectures, taking the online tests and the internship (if included in the Master study plan), students can take the final exam, consisting on the elaboration of a paper on a topic agreed with one of the Professors.

Who are the UniCamillus Masters recognized by?

UniCamillus is a University recognized by the Ministry of University and Research.
It is part of the national university system and it issues degrees having legal value and being suitable in order to participate in any public exams.

Is there a deadline for enrolment?

Enrolment is possible in every time of the year.

Are all lectures online?

UniCamillus Masters is entirely in e-learning mode, so all lectures and tests (both preparatory tests for accessing the next teaching and the final test) are online.
Tests are multiple-choice and can be repeated several times (until passing).

How long do single lessons last?

Single video lessons generally last between 15 and 18 minutes.

Does UniCamillus consider the recognition of previously earned CFUs?

Previously earned ECTS recognition is not considered.

Does UniCamillus issue ECMs?

ECMs issuance is not expected. Masters only issue 60 CFUs upon graduation.

Can I enrol in one of the Masters while attending another degree course?

Laws allow students to enrol simultaneously in two different degree courses at universities. The only exception is for medical specialization courses and for AFAM (Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance) both at Italian and foreign institutes. The maximum enrolment limit will therefore be two degree courses. Multiple enrolment (more than two) is not allowed.

How do I access the Student Portal (GOMP)? What information can I find on the Student Portal?

To access, students must log in at the following link.
Accessing the Portal, student career page, student ID number and payment status will appear. It is also possible to edit data entered during enrolment.


Students Reference Tutor is available throughout their study path at the following addresses:
– helpmaster@unicamilus.org
– Switchboard 06400640


How do I verify that my Degrees are suitable for enrolment?

In order to be eligible for Masters, candidates must hold a degree that is consistent with the prerequisites of the Master they mean to enrol in (we recommend checking the table HERE in order to verify them).
If candidates hold incompatible degrees, please send an email to helpmaster@unicamillus.org attaching the held degrees to verify eligibility for enrolment.

Are foreign degrees considered valid?

Students holding a degree obtained abroad that is equivalent in duration and content to the Italian degree required for admission to one of the Masters may apply. In order to enrol, candidates must provide the foreign degree together with an official translation in Italian, legalization and declaration of value (DOV) by the Italian Diplomatic Representations in the country where the degree was obtained (Italian Embassy or Italian Consulate General with territorial competence in the country where the degree was produced).
In case of requirements lacking, the Didactic Office may exclude candidates from the Master at any time and with a justified measure.
The certificate of qualification to profession practice is NOT an eligible document for enrolment.

How can I enrol? Where do I find the Enrolment Guide?

After selecting the Master of interest at the LINK
candidates must click on “Registration” and download the enrolment guide at the LINK.
Then candidates can proced to the Student Portal to enrol.

What documents do I need to proceed with the enrolment?

The following documents are required for enrolment purposes:
– Photo (maximum 30MB in .jpg or .png format)
– Identification document (in PDF format)
– Health insurance card (in PDF format)
– High school graduation data with details of achievement (high school, address, academic year and grade)
– Signed Certificate or Self-certification of Bachelor’s Degree or Degree belonging to the old system, with details of achievement (University, type of Degree, Degree Course, Degree Class, Academic Year, date of achievement and grade).

N.B. Degree parchment is not sufficient as it does not include the required data. In case candidates do not hold the Degree Certificate, please note that Universities usually deliver it via e-mail within a week.

After how long do I receive the credentials to start the Master?

UniCamillus send the credentials within 5 working days after the completion of the registration in the Student Portal (the procedure is successful when the QR code is displayed) and after making the first installment payment.

Can I waive from my studies?

Study waiver is allowed according to the time frame and modalities indicated in the Master Call for Application (Call for Application can be found at the LINK)


Internship facility can be chosen according to the following modalities.

The internship facility can be:

– A facility already affiliated with UniCamillus

– A facility to be contracted (for some Masters such a facility must be affiliated with the SSN – National Health System). Students must notify the University as soon as possible (even before the start of the Master’s lessons), name and email address of the contact person of the facility they identified, in order to proceed with the agreement.

We would like to recall that the following documents must be sent to helpmaster@unicamillus.org in order to start your internship, whatever kind of facility you chose:
Training Project: to be completed and signed by the Internship Manager designated by the Facility;
Certificate of passing the Workplace Safety Course (on the Platform);
Attendance record book(to be requested before starting the Internship to: helpmaster@unicamillus.org) to be filled out and signed by the Internship Manager designated by the Facility.

NB: If students are employed in one of the Companies accredited with the SSN (National Health System) or are freelancers and their work activity is consistent with the training objectives of the Master, they can request a Self-certification form from helpmaster@unicamillus.org that corroborates their work activity as an internship.

Where can I carry out my internship?

In public or private facilities (ASL, RSA, Nursing Homes). For some Master, the facilities must be affiliated with the National Health System.

How many internship hours do UniCamillus Masters include?

– Management and Coordination Roles in the health professions: 250 hours
– Deglutology and Related Disorders: 250 hours
– Posturology: 150 hours
– Orthopedics and Traumatology: 150 hours
– Nursing in Critical care: 125 hours


Do I need to book midterm and final exams?

Students do not need to book their exams since the course is in e-learning mode.

When can I start the next teaching?

Once students take their tests and achieved the minimum required score (usually 7 out of 10) they can attend the next teaching.

How many times can I repeat each exams?

Final tests (preparatory to the next teaching) can be repeated several times. After three consecutive attempts, students need to wait one hour (in order to give them a chance to review the lesson). The final exam is in e-learning and multiple-choice mode.

How is the final exam composed?

The exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions concerning the entire training plan. Students have 90 minutes of time and countless attempts to pass it.

Where does the final thesis presentation session hold?

The thesis presentation session takes place at the UniCamillus premises in Via di Sant’Alessandro 8, 00131, Rome.

What is the procedure for thesis writing and topic request?

Students can independently contact one of the Professors choosing from those in the Study Plan. Contact information is available in the Portal (at the beginning of each Module). Once Professors have accepted their proposal, students must send them the thesis assignment form to be signed.

Where can I find my student ID number?

On the Student Portal: GOMP – Under the section “Career”>”Career”

How much time do I have to present my final thesis?

Candidates have 10 minutes each to present their final thesis.

What features should my thesis have?

After passing the Master Final Exam, students can access a section called Tesi finale – Modulistica – in which they will find the regulations concerning final procedures, information useful for the correct writing of the thesis, dates and relevant deadlines for booking the thesis presentation session.

Do I have to create Power Point materials for the thesis presentation?

Students intending to create a Power Point presentation for their Final Thesis should send a copy of it to the e-mail address helpmaster@unicamillus.org at least 5 days before the date final thesis discussion.

Power Point presentation is not compulsory but recommended in order to make the final discussion easier and smoother.

How can I request my Pergamena di Laurea (Degree Certificate)?

To obtain the Pergamena, students need to download the “Modulo Richiesta Pergamena” (in the “Tesi Finale Modulistica” Section of the Platform). The request must be made before the date of the Thesis Presentation since after achieving the Master Diploma, access to the Portal is suspended.

The completed and signed “Modulo Richiesta Pergamena” (Degree Certificate Request Form) must be sent to helpmaster@unicamillus.org immediately after the Thesis Discussion and the subsequent acquisition of the Master.

Thereafter, the Didactic Office will be responsible to contact the students for collecting the Diploma, by appointment, at the University premises.

Through a proxy, another person may collect the Diploma (the proxy must contain front/back copy of the identity document of both the delegate and the delegating person. The proxy should be sent prior the appointment to the following address: helpmaster@unicamillus.org).

Students who wish to receive the Pergamena di Laurea by courier, must hire the courier at their own expense and send the relevant delivery label issued by the courier to helpmaster@unicamillus.org.

Please note that the copy of the Diploma is delivered to the courier inside a bubble wrap envelope (cm 40×50 x gr. 200).


Where can I find costs, enrolment methods, study plan, professional outlets and other specifics features related to each Master?

On the UniCamillus University website under Courses – “On-line Masters” or at the LINK.

Can I pay through installments?

Students can pay the Masters’ fees in three installments: the first at the time of enrolment, the second, one month after enrolment, and the third, two months after enrolment.

Can the University send me an invoice for my payments?

The University, as required by current regulations, does not issue any invoice as it annually sends the certification of the fees paid by each student to the Internal Revenue Service. This is done in order to allow for their deduction from the tax, if due and according to the extent established by law, in the tax return. The student can independently download the payment receipt from the student portal in the pertinent section.

What are the consequences for not paying my installment on time?

The account and thus the lesson and didactic materials are temporarily suspended and reactivated after the fees situation is regularized.

Where can I check my fees situation and the installments deadlines?

By accessing the Student Portal at the link in the “Tuition and Fees”>”Payments” section.

After selecting the installment(s) to be paid, students will be able to choose between two payment methods:
“PagoPA” : by clicking on the button you will be redirected to their website, where you can make payment by credit/debit card, PayPal or Satispay;
“CBILL form”: clicking on the button, you will download a PDF file containing the CBILL form (formerly MAV), which can be paid from home via home banking (according to your banking institution) or at the post office, bank or other enabled shops and locations.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Students can not pay by bank transfer but only by one of the following payment methods:
“PagoPA” : by clicking on the button you will be redirected to their website, where you can make payment by credit/debit card, PayPal or Satispay;
“CBILL form”: clicking on the button, you will download a PDF file containing the CBILL form (formerly MAV), which can be paid from home via home banking (according to your banking institution) or at the post office, bank or other enabled shops and locations.