Erasmus+: UniCamillus establishes two new partnerships with Spanish universities

There are two new Erasmus+ destinations available at UniCamillus. The International Medical University of Rome has come to an agreement with two Spanish universities over the past few days. This will allow students to spend part of their semester in Spain already in the ongoing academic year (2023-24).

One of the new destinations is the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, in Valladolid. The programme has 3 places available in total: one is for Dentistry (9 months), and the other two are for Physiotherapy (18 months in total). The other partnership is with Universidad Camilo José Cela in Madrid, which offers 2 places for Biomedical Laboratory Techniques students for a total of 12 months of study. The two destinations require a B1 level of both English and Spanish.

These two new agreements have been signed and are therefore already available on the Erasmus platforms.

Information about how to apply will be provided in the next Erasmus+ application call for the second semester. On our website, in the dedicated section, you can read about the courses and the number of places available for each programme.