Ready for Erasmus+? UniCamillus call for applications now open for study abroad opportunities

UniCamillus is renowned as an International Medical University, notably for hosting one of the highest numbers of international students among Italian universities. A global community within a single university. But there’s more. UniCamillus students also have the chance to experience new cultures by visiting other countries. That’s the Erasmus+ Programme, which has long enabled university students to broaden their horizons, both in life and academically.

The recent announcement of the UniCamillus Erasmus+ call for applications offers participating students a fantastic opportunity to study at European universities that are part of UniCamillus’s extensive network of bilateral agreements.

To be eligible, interested students must have an average exam score of at least 25/30, have accrued a minimum number of credits, possess the necessary language certifications for their chosen destination, and be duly enrolled in one of the degree courses listed in the call for applications.

Among the Erasmus destinations are ancient and prestigious universities, such as Heidelberg University (Germany), Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Sorbonne University (France), the University of Valencia and CEU San Pablo University in Madrid (Spain), and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania). These institutions are renowned worldwide not just for their name and educational excellence, but also for the specialisation and eminence of their faculty in medical sciences. This is significant, given that the Erasmus+ programme’s main goal is to allow you to continue your academic journey at another European university.

International experience, cultural enrichment, personal and academic growth, a chance to enhance your language skills, as well as boosting your CV: the Erasmus+ programme offers all this and much more… Why not give it a go?

Places are limited and awarded according to a ranking list that takes into account academic merit.

Applications must be submitted before 25th March, click here for more information.