An interview with Miss Italy 2023, Francesca Bergesio, UniCamillus student

She is beautiful. It’s an obvious fact, so much so that she has won the title of the most beautiful in Italy! But Miss Italy 2023, 19-year-old Francesca Bergesio, from the piemontese province of Cuneo and a first-year Medical student at UniCamillus, is not just beautiful.

Francesca has clear ideas, a dream of saving lives since she was a child, and the determination of someone who does not accept being satisfied with appearances.

Despite the many commitments that come with the Miss Italy crown, Francesca took the time to talk to the UniCamillus press office and tell them a little about herself and her goals.

You have just been elected Miss Italy: I imagine you’re very busy! Have you thought already about how to balance this hectic time with your studies?

“Absolutely! I’m a very determined and stubborn girl: when I have a goal in mind, I have to achieve it, even if it means not sleeping at night or making a lot of sacrifices! Of course, the university path in medicine is very different from the one that Miss Italy could open up, but I want to do both because I know that I can learn a lot from both of them and they can give me a lot.”

You’ve just enrolled at UniCamillus: have you thought about your first exam?

“I haven’t actually started yet: it’s been a very stressful time. However, I can’t wait to get to campus next week and see what it’s like beeing a student at UniCamillus.”

Medicine: an after-school choice or a lifelong dream?

“I don’t have any doctors in my family, but I’ve been dreaming of being a doctor since I was a child. And as you can see, I’ve never changed my mind! I studied really hard to pass the admissions test and get onto this course. My dream is to save lives: it’s a big responsibility, but I’m sure it’s also very satisfying!”

Do you have a particular specialisation in mind?

“Yes, I’m fascinated by the world of cardiac surgery…”

Why did you choose to study at UniCamillus? Is there something about our University that impressed you?

“First of all, the opportunity to study Medicine in English. It’s a great opportunity that can open up many doors for young people, giving them more opportunities both in Italy and abroad.”

The gender gap in the medical sciences is narrowing, with more and more women being involved in research and practice: do you have a female role model you look up to?

“Of course, Elena Cattaneo! I’m glad you asked me this question because the issue of women is very important to me: at Miss Italy I also presented a monologue against gender violence. Women have to believe in thenselves more — that is the only way to achieve equality, but we are still far from it. However, I can’t deny I’m happy to see the progress that’s been made, especially in the medical field: scientific subjects used to be exclusively for men, and now that’s no longer the case. And I hope it will continue to improve, because women have the right to study, to be passionate and to actively participate in scientific progress.”