4th of March: International Day against the Papilloma Virus

Call for information and awareness

Today we celebrate the International Day against the Papilloma Virus, one of the most common infections at a global level.

It is estimated that a HPV virus’ infection evolves in precancerous lesions or in carcinoma at cervical level in one in 4 or 5 women.

Hence, as we are assuming from the global pandemic of Covid-19, the most efficient weapon against the HPV virus remains the vaccination.

In Italy, since 2007 every girl between 11 and 14 years old can participate in the vaccination campaign for free; the National Plan of Vaccine Prevention 2017-2019 has extended the free campaign to every boy who is 12 years old. It is a very important event, as it means that there is an awareness of the gravity of pathologies which HPV can cause even in boys and men.

The today campaign has been crucial since the very first day of its establishment, in 2000, by the International Papillomavirus Society IPVS. The main aim of the campaign is to clarify the topic and the risks of the virus, by raising awareness among people in doing screening and vaccination.

Especially, prof. Sofia Colaceci, Director of the Midwifery Degree Course at UniCamillus, clarified that the vaccination against the HPV “is a valid instrument in the primary prevention of the carcinoma at a cervical level. It’s important that the vaccination of people between 25 and 64 years old comes along with a screening program, made through a pap-test/hpv test. By using these two instruments we can raise the awareness of a pathology from which we can actually heal”.