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UniCamillus and the Baby Pit Stop

In collaboration with the Degree Course in Midwifery, UniCamillus adheres to the UNICEF Italia project

UniCamillus, in collaboration with the Degree Course in Midwifery, adheres to the “Baby Pit Stop” project of UNICEF Italia.

The initiative aims at setting up a series of protected environments in Italy where mothers feel comfortable breastfeeding their baby and changing diapers. The Baby Pit Stop (BPS) is inspired by the Formula 1 pit stop where it is possible to do tire change and a full of gas in just a few minutes. In this case it is oriented towards the maternal dimension, diapers and the full.

Raising awareness on the subject of breastfeeding, which is a simple and natural gesture that all mothers should be able to do anywhere, even at university, is essential as there are no fixed times for taking care of your child in a day. It is difficult for mothers to foresee, especially in the first months of life of the newborn, when it will be necessary to act. The BPS was born to offer a changing table and a small armchair within a reserved space to allow mothers to be at ease during these moments.

UniCamillus chose UNICEF as a partner because it represents an organization that actively promotes and supports breastfeeding in local services and since October 1 a special protected area has been made available.

The UniCamillus Midwifery students and their video

The students participate in the contest “The touch of midwives” with a video

Disseminating and enhancing the profession of the midwife also committed against gender-based violence is the purpose of the competition announced by the Order of the Obstetric Profession of Rome and Province on the International Midwife Day 2019 which has just ended. The students of the UNICAMILLUS Degree Course in Midwifery, with great enthusiasm and creativity, participated in the contest “The Touch of Midwives” on the theme “Midwives: Defenders of Women’s Rights”, creating an amateur video in which they illustrated the “Steps ” that a hospital must undertake to be called “Friend of mothers “. The video of the students was inspired by the document “Ten Steps of the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative for Mother-Friendly Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Home Birth Services – The Gold Standard of care” prepared by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) in 1996.

Daniele Armenia, professor at UniCamillus

The Biotechnologist explains the importance of microbiology for medicine

Being a doctor is one of the most difficult jobs that requires a lot of professionalism and knowledge, in addition to a long preparation that includes, among others, the study of disciplines such as Microbiology. At the UNICAMILLUS University, Dr. Daniele Armenia, biotechnologist and professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology for the Degree Course in Physiotherapy, Laboratory Techniques and Medical Radiology Techniques, tells us about his passion for the microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses and fungi, despite being very small living beings, have a remarkable and fascinating complexity; they are often useful to our health, but they can also cause very serious infections in humans such as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).