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Alessandro Stievano

Nursing Sciences- Med/45


Alessandro Stievano RN, MScN, PhD, FAAN, FFNMRCSI  

He is the research coordinator of the Centre of Excellence for Nursing Scholarship of OPI Rome – Italy (the Regulatory Authority for the Nursing Professions).  The Centre of Excellence for Nursing Scholarship in Italy is a novel project that represents a unique venture for Italy, and one of the first to be set up in Europe. The Centre has funded more 400 educational and research projects since its inception in 2010. He is also an expert of learning processes and social health policy issues, and, in this logic, he achieved a master’s degree in education (Rome Three University Rome -Italy) and another one in Sociology for Health and Policy from University of Bologna – Italy and a PhD in nursing from University of Tor Vergata – Rome – Italy.

He is published on a national and international level, particularly on ethics and transcultural matters. His main interests in research are linked to professional and policy issues in nursing and health professions, nursing ethics and transcultural nursing.