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Stefano Pacifici

Medical and Applied Sciences and Techniques - Med/50


Qualifications achieved:
D.MIUR 27/7/2000 eq. Degree in Techniques of Medical Radiology, Imaging and Radiotherapy
Master’s Degree in Management and coordination of Health Professions
Master’s Degree in Ultrasound
Trainer of trainers
Expert in Psyco-Oncology
Expert in Micro-movement and advanced imaging systems
Actual Job:
Coordinator at IPA’s Preventive Medicine Center in Rome
Lecturer at the three years-degree course in “Medical Radiology, Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques” at Sapienza University of Rome
Professor at the Master Degree course in “Mammography” at “La Sapienza” University of Rome
Others informations:
President at AITeRS- Associazione Italiana dei Tecnici di Radiologia Senologica
National TSRM-PSTRP Boards Federation’s Breast Imaging work group Coordinator
Senonetwork’s Breast Radiographers work group Coordinator