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Simonetta Rossi

Nursing Sciences and Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques - Med/48


Class 1970, Physiotherapist since 1992, Master of science in Rehabilitation sciences

of the health professions in 2010. Master’s degree (Italian) in Management and coordination of the

health professions 2014.

International humanitarian experience with InterSOS and Handicap International.

More than twenty years experience at the Hospital “San Camillo” IRCCS Lido in Venice first as a

physiotherapist then as Coordinator of the Neurorehabilitation Department.

Clinical and academic tutor for students of the three-year and master’s degree course in UNIPD

Physiotherapy, UNIVR, UNIFE, Alma Mater Europaea (Slovenia), Faculty of Health Science UMB


From 2012 to 2020 Quality Manager.

From the end of January 2020 Physiotherapist freelancer at his own studio Fisio133.