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Roberto Pistilli

Odontostomatological Special Pathology- Med/28


Prof. Pistilli was born in Rome on 09-04-1958, graduated from Pilo Albertelli High School in Rome and studied Medicine at La Sapienza University in Rome, where he graduated in March 1983 with highest honors.

Member of the scientific committee of the international journal ” Journal of Osseointegration”. Editorial Board of the journal ” European Journal of Oral Implantology”.

President of SIRIO Rome ( Roman Academy of Oral Surgery and Implantology ) from 2012 to present.

He is author of more than 70 publications in national scientific journals and 54 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Speaker in numerous courses and congresses in Italy and abroad. For many years he has been mainly interested in oncologic, regenerative jaw surgery and advanced implantology.